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The Hottest Haircuts for Spring 2014

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Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. Extreme cold temperatures will warm up and persistent winter storms will finally come to an end, and many celebrate the new season with fresh — and stylish — haircuts. What are the most fashionable haircuts for spring 2014?
“The Era of Long Hair is Over”

Elle magazine puts it simply, “the era of long hair is over.” In other words, a growing number of stars and women all over the U.S. are embracing shorter hair styles. Pixie cuts, bobs, and long bobs are all the rage, Elle adds. Expect to see a lot of asymmetrical pixie cuts, like Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence’s iconic ‘do. Elle describes the asymmetrical pixie, “[Celebrity hair stylists] leave the bangs longer, with one side aligned with the eye like Jennifer Lawrence. Though this look is angular and cut with a razor, [they] still suggest keeping it soft by not using any straight lines.” Complete the look by texturizing hair with quality hair care products, such as Aveda salon products.

American women are also likely to follow in Taylor Swift’s footsteps, and opt for long bobs (also called choppy lobs). “If you had your eye on the front row during Paris Fashion Week, you may have noticed that an almost messy long bob was the It Girl de rigueur hairstyle,” Elle magazine reports.

Want to Keep Your Hair Long?

If you do not want to chop off your locks, there are similarly trendy ways to cut and style long hair. Boho fashions and Frozen’s protagonist Elsa are inspiring women to sport old world style braids. Women can choose just about any long cut at the hair salon, but still style and pin hair to look unique and compelling. Top hair stylists, such as Aveda hair stylists, are also seeing an increasing demand to style long hair with flowers, especially for special occasions, such as proms and weddings.

Consider cutting your hair off this spring. Aveda hair stylists confirm that some of the trendiest spring styles are daringly short. If you are reluctant to part with longer hair, keep it trendy with a few well-chosen styles and accessories, like loose braids and floral hair pieces. Continue your research here.

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