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Chronic pain

Through the years the chiropractor has become an important and respected part of the medical community. These days, a great many primary physicians as well as specialists are willing to work alongside the chiropractor while focusing on the patient’s health and well being. Chiropractors deal with complaints and symptoms such as migraines, chronic knee pain, chronic back pain, chronic tension headaches, diabetic neuropathy, and much more. Chiropractic care focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system, concluding that the spine is connected to every part of the body. There are spinal adjustments to relieve the pain and pressure that connect with certain tendons, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and even bones.

Many people find relief for different symptoms when being treated by a chiropractor. Chronic pain sufferers often seek chiropractic care hoping that their pain will be alleviated through adjustments. Among people surveyed who deal with some type of constant physical pain, 59% reported that the continuing pain and discomfort lessens their ability to enjoy life on a daily basis. Another 77% of patients complain about chronic depression associated with pain, and yet another 70% say that they struggle with their ability to concentrate. Pain is the reason for a decreased energy level in 74% of patients, and a whopping 86% of chronic pain sufferers have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. All this having been said, it is obvious that any type of chronic pain has other far reaching affects on patients that can even disrupt their emotional and mental health.

Statistics show that low back pain is the most common type of discomfort among 27% of Americans, with headaches and migraines following at 15%. Chiropractic care has, and continues to be, a very successful treatment for these complaints, as with symptoms of many other types. A chiropractor believes, basically, that certain kinds of structural misalignment of the spine can negatively affect the nervous system, bringing on pain in a variety of different ways. Very often chiropractic adjustments will restore the spine to its proper structure, which will relieve pressure on the nerves and tissues, thereby enabling the patient to feel the pain, and everything associated with it, to lift. When the spine is realigned through adjustments, the nerves, muscles, and tendons connected to it reclaim their normal position within the body. This, in turn, begins to alleviate pain and swelling, even enabling the patient to regain normal pain-free movement.

An initial appointment with a chiropractor will basically be a consult, as an initial visit would be with any doctor. The doctor will ask for information, the type and location of the pain, the frequency, and description; for instance, is the pain throbbing, aching, or burning. He or she will want to know what increases the pain and what decreases it. A patient history will be taken, such as illnesses in the family, dietary habits, and other health problems. An occupational history will be taken to determine whether or not the pain is caused by or made worse by the patient’s job. According to the answers and the history given by the patient, the doctor may explore other life situations that could also be affecting their health.

Among problems that are treated by a chiropractor, in addition to neuromusculoskeletal disorders, are sports injuries, arthritis, and pain resulting from car accident injuries. An important point to bring out is that quite often, after an initial consultation with a patient, a chiropractor may feel it necessary to refer them to their primary physician or a medical specialist. If the chiropractor suspects there might be a medical reason for the pain, it is important to have that possibility eliminated before chiropractic adjustments are begun.

Many chiropractors also have a degree in nutrition, or retain a licensed nutritionist on their staff. An important part of getting healthy and staying healthy is to understand how to maintain a healthy diet. Many chiropractors include healthy eating as a part of their patients’ treatment, as well as exercises to complement their adjustments. All of these elements working together very often produce a success story in the health of many chiropractic patients. The success of chiropractors working hand in hand with other medical professionals has been the reason why so many people are now believing that chiropractic care does work.

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