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The Best Gym Equipment For Home Exercise

If you’ve made the decision to start exercising, then you’ve already taken the first towards improving your quality of life. The next hurdle is figuring out what gym equipment is right for you. Various home fitness machines exist, but trying to sort out what does what can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few starter tips to help find the best exercise equipment for you.


When you step into a traditional gym you’ll probably see gym equipment that is designed for walking, running, climbing, or rowing. These machines are designed to suit a cardio based workout. Cardio workouts serve as a great way to burn fat, and can be tailored to suit what you can do. A few of the most common machines are:

  • Ellipticals. This equipment is somewhere between a stair-climber and a ski machine. The resistance can be decreased or increased as needed, and for beginners can provide an easy place to start. It is also easier on joints than running, which may be desirable for those with knee problems, or sore joints.
  • Ski machine. This equipment focuses on your arms, upper body, and legs all at once. Some have different movement set ups, such as moving one ski forward to move the other back, or moving both at once. It depends largely on the make and model. It is a good idea to find one with wider foot supports, as for beginners this can help with stability.
  • Stair-climber. Stair-climbers are another excellent starting point for those just starting an exercise regimen. It’s a low impact workout, that can feel tedious at first, but if you start out doing twenty steps one day, you can set the bar for thirty the next. Slowly working your way up is key to succeeding this these machines.
  • Stationary bike. Probably one of the more well known pieces of gym equipment, this machines serves to give you a bike riding experience. Focusing on working your legs, you should start out slowly and build your way up. As with the stair climber set a small goal, and strive to exceed it, of only a little, the next time.
  • Treadmill. Another piece that is familiar to most of us, it always for walking or running at any pace you’d like. Look for a model that has an easy and clear to read speed indicator. Safety rails and an easy to reach stop button are also a must.

Strength Training

Another popular set of gym equipment focuses on developing muscle mass. When beginning strength training it is very important to start small and build gradually over time. A few common items of equipment are:

  • Ankle and hand weights. Ankle weights add resistance when walking, running, or doing leg lifts. They can also be worn while around the house for an easy added workout. Hand weights and dumbbells can start as low as 2 pounds and go up depending on your strength level. With these it is especially important to go slow to prevent any unnecessary strain.
  • Resistance bands. These appear to be large rubber bands, but can be used for a variety of resistance exercises. They also some in different varieties depending on how much resistance you need or want.
  • Benches. Possibly what most people think of when they think of strength training. These benches feature a bar upon which weights can be added. The weights are then lifted and pressed. Depending on how much weight your using, having someone to spot you is a good idea. Especially when lifting more than usual.

Gym Equipment comes in all different varieties, and these are just a few of the most common. If you need additional help deciding, heading to a fitness store is your best bet. The staff there will be more than happy to explain the details behind all the equipment. This way you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

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