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Professional Skin Care Devices You Can Use at Home

At home blue light acne treatment

Everyone loves a day at the spa, but making the effects of a great facial or skin treatment last after you get home isn’t easy. Even some of the best skin rejuvenating treatments are only temporary, and not everyone has time to take a spa day every week.

Fortunately, products that provide great skin treatment at home are becoming increasingly available to the general public. Most of these devices are painless, non-invasive, and easy to use, and only need to be used a few times a week. Could you benefit from any of these devices?

Blue Light Therapy

Medical research has shown that narrow-band, high-intensity light in the blue wavelength range from 405-420 nm can be a gentle and effective treatment for inflammatory acne. Using a blue light device is as easy as passing a led-covered wand over the affected area, or sitting in front of blue LED panels. Treatments are fast, painless and non-invasive and also produce smoother skin tone and texture.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy machines use red and infrared LEDs to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin under the skin. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, and even increases firmness and elasticity. Red light has also been shown to tighten slackened skin, treat sun damage and reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmented dark spots.

Treatments are gentle and safe and the LEDs don’t use any harmful UV lights. Still, eye protection is recommended just in case. Devices sold and used for skin treatment at home and in professional settings. Treatments usually only take up a few minutes a week, so red light is a convenient and simple fix for people who want to refresh their complexions.

High Frequency Facial Therapy

High frequency facial devices use painless low level electric currents, usually at a frequency of a frequency of 100,000-300,000 Hertz (cycles per second), to infuse the skin with oxygen molecules and warmth. The oxygen stimulates cell repair as well as collagen and elastin production, and also increases the penetration levels of your skin creams and serums.

Devices that offer great skin treatment at home are a great alternative to visiting the spa every week or going under the knife. Shop around and find the device that’s best for you!

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