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Preparing for a Colorectal Screening Consider these 3 Tips

Prostate cancer is something no one wants to worry about, but the reality is one-tenth of all men will be diagnosed with this condition. Almost three-quarters of all Americans who are older than 65 experience multiple chronic medical conditions sometimes including prostate cancer. As people age the number of medical screenings and disease screenings they should get go up as well including cholesterol screening, cardiovascular screening and yes even colorectal screening. Some screenings may be more unpleasant than others, such as colorectal screenings, but there are some things that you can do to make your colorectal screening go as smoothly as possible. Read some tips below to prepare for your colorectal screening.

Talk with your Doctor

Talk with your doctor ahead of time and ask them for instructions for you to prep. Try to get these at least a week before your procedure. Then read them. Prepare yourself to prepare for your colorectal screening. This gives you a chance to understand what is going on, what you need to do and a chance to call your doctor if you have any questions. Sometimes doctor’s offices can take a day to call back, and trying to call the night before your screening with questions will most likely leave you still wondering come the day of your screening.


You’re going to have to drink a prep drink before your procedure, but the diet you consumer before drinking this drink can make things easier once you drink the drink. Try to cut back on meals, eat smaller meals and eat more times throughout the day. Foods should be low fiber and include vegetables without skin and fruits without seeds. Chicken and fish and eggs are recommended while fatty foods, tough meat, raw veggies and whole grains should be avoided. Begin prepping for your prep two to four days before the procedure to make things go smoothly.


The prep includes fasting and drinking. While fasting you should only take in liquids, but remember to stay away from colored drinks like red, because these can cause problems for the doctor to see issues during your screening. The drink is designed to clear the digestive tract and it does a good job, so be sure to stay by or on the toilet after drinking the drink. Chill it to help make it taste better and try using a straw placed as far back into your throat as you can. Some doctors allow their patients to add flavored packets for water into their prep drink. This could be something to ask your doctor about in advance, since it can help the prep juice go down easier.

Having a colorectal screening is not fun for anyone, and the prep can be even more torturing, but it is necessary. Try to relax and remind yourself that you’re doing this for your own benefit. Talk with your doctor about any concerns, and together you both can figure out the route for prepping for your procedure.

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