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Ordinary Habits that Might be Aging Your Skin

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Are your daily habits taking a toll on your skin, or even aging it ahead of its time? You might be surprised to find out what’s really making you look older. Here are some skin care tips to help you avoid damaging and aging your skin:

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

A recent study by Estee Lauder conclusively showed that inadequate amounts of sleep are strongly linked to poor skin health and accelerated skin aging. Women in the study who were deprived of sleep found that their skin was less youthful and less able to recover from sun exposure and sun damage.

In addition to getting more sleep, you should also try to sleep on your back, especially if you wake up with sleep lines. These are caused by pressure on your face during the night, and can deepen into permanent wrinkles over time.

Consider applying homemade facial masks for dry skin or acne to get yourself in the habit of laying on your back. You’ll be less inclined to roll over and you’ll treat your skin at the same time.

Are Your Skin Care Products Too Harsh?

It’s one of the most basic skin care tips that’s also often ignored: If your skin care product is burning or stinging, that doesn’t mean it’s working. In fact, it often means it’s irritating your skin, which can lead to redness, inflammation, and accelerated aging.

Use natural, gentle products without harsh or irritating ingredients and be sure to cleanse your skin gently. This will be enough to remove makeup, pollution, and other substances from your skin without irritating it.

Are You Cleaning Your Skin Enough?

You should wash your face twice every day, and more often after you sweat heavily. Believe it or not, perspiration can actually irritate your skin, which causes faster aging. Clean off that sweat after exercising. Your skin will thank you.

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