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Need a Wheelchair Ramp Virginia?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act that Congress passed in 1990 requires that businesses make access to their buildings accessible for people with disabilities. For this reason, many wheelchair ramps have been built to give access to people who are in wheelchairs. All kinds of people have disabilities that can cause their feet and legs unusable. Such a debilitating disability can cause the person in a wheelchair to feel discriminated against when they can’t go into a public building. The use of a wheelchair ramp Virginia is a remedy for this.

If you have to be in a wheelchair there are things you can have done to make your home easily accessible, such as having a wheelchair ramp built. There are companies that will come out and build homeowners a wheelchair ramp Virginia. The wheelchair ramp virginia is a gently sloping ramp that is on an incline that can built going up to the door of a house or other building. A wheelchair ramp Virginia can be a permanent ramp, or it can be one that is portable. There are certain requirements that the wheelchair ramp Virginia has to meet in order for it to be safe.

People who live in homes with stairs can use a stair lift virginia. A wheelchair lift Virginia is also useful to get a wheelchair lifted up into a bus or van. They also make a car lift Virginia. The size of the wheelchair ramp that is needed depends on the type and size of the wheelchair. Sometimes people will also use a scooter to get around and a wheelchair ramp is perfect to use with scooters to get in and out of the home too. There are certain formulas to determine the length and the slope needed for a wheelchair ramp. Various contractors are available today that can give you more information on wheelchair ramps and lifts in Virginia.
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