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Make Your Achilles Pain a Thing of the Past

Treatment for foot pain

Nothing gets you through a day at the office like knowing you are about to enjoy a beautiful day by going for a run after work. Lately though those runs have been more painful and difficult to finish. If the pain in your feet and legs it is time to consider achilles heel pain treatment. The right treatment plan can get your running regimen back on track.

Foot and ankle problems are very common and nearly everyone has had to face them. According to statistics nearly 75% of Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their lives. Your feet have 1/4 of the all the bones in your body – 52 bones. Unfortunately, most people get too involved in a workout routine that they neglect their foot health.

There are several different causes heel pain but the most common is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the foot flattens too much, leading to a lengthening of the arch and increased tightness. Some of the other causes of heel pain include heel spurs and arthritis. The most common causes of achilles pain are caused by overuse movements. These can occur during sports, work or other activities.

If you are experiencing achilles or heel pain there are specific treatment options. The first way to decrease your pain is to decrease tightness on the plantar fascia. You can try wearing the correct shoes, using custom or prefabricated orthotics to support the arch or use a walking boot to allow the painful area to rest. Heel pain relief can come by icing, anti-inflammatory medication or physical therapy.

The final treatment for heel pain relief is custom orthotics. Orthotics ensure the arch is supported and does not collapse. Custom orhtotics flatten the foot and increase the tension on the plantar fascia. There are four types of ankle-foot orthosis; Flexible, Anti-Talus, Rigid and Tamarack Flexure Joint.

If you are experiencing foot pain, it is important to start an achilles heel pain treatment. This will determine whether you just need pain medication or orthotics. Do not let foot pain put you on the sidelines, find the best treatment to help you stay active. This is a great source for more.

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