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How Sleep Apnea Affects Life-Threatening Health Issues

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Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects as many as 18 million Americans. The Mayo Clinic characterizes it as a serious sleep disorder and it may have affects that go far beyond interrupted sleep. The health effects that can develop as a result of untreated sleep apnea include cardiovascular symptoms and even stroke and heart disease.

While sleep apnea is a disorder that affects men twice more than women, all who have it retain the option of being treated. CPAP machines–standing for continuous positive air pressure–relieve some of the symptoms, though many who receive the machines cease to use it between one and three weeks.

Some statistics show that between 2% and 4% of Americans have untreated sleep apnea. This amounts to roughly one in 50 Americans. Untreated apnea, as stated before, can have a great deal of detrimental health effects. An understanding of the illness provides possibly some reasons why.

Sleep apnea as a disorder results in interrupted sleep. This happens because a sufferer’s breath gets interrupted, often as many times as 60 per night. People who have untreated sleep apnea have a stroke risk four times higher than those who do not have sleep apnea. And untreated sleep apnea sufferers have a three times higher chance of developing heart disease.

According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders research, there are approximately 38,000 deaths related to cardiovascular problems that are one way or another connected to sleep apnea.

Fortunately, there are treatments for sleep apnea that can help ease the symptoms associated with the disorder. While there are remedies some tout that lack the cost and expense of the more rigorous treatment methods, a CPAP machine has been shown to help.

CPAP machines work by providing air through CPAP masks or CPAP nasal pillows. The air comes in through a tube and provides a sleep apnea sufferer the ability to breathe during the night, combating interrupted breath.

CPAP machines come in different designs when it comes to the system that delivers the pressurized air. The full face CPAP mask is a mask that covers the complete face. It delivers air through a tube that fills the mask and provides that air for a sufferer of sleep apnea to breathe.

CPAP nasal pillows act like the earbuds on headphones. They are inserted into the nostrils and deliver air through the respiratory system through that effective method. The statistics show that CPAP users are split between which one they choose. 50% choose nasal pillows, while 45% choose the full face mask. 5% have no preference.

One option for a CPAP machine is the Resmed CPAP machine. The Resmed CPAP machine offers noninvasive treatment for sleep apnea and comes in different sizes. However, there is a Resmed CPAP machine that is the smallest of all CPAP machines, which can be useful when placing the CPAP machine next to a bed, as it may be less intrusive.

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