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Depression, a universal disorder

Psychologist washington dc

Depression is a serious illness that affects millions of people across the country. A psychologist in maryland reported that signs of depression include insomnia, or other sleep related disorders, decreased sex drive, decreased concentration, lack of motivation and changes in appetite. Though many people believe depression can go away on its own, that is simply not the case. In fact, the psychologist in maryland reported that much study has shown that depression can be paired with a number of personality disorders, including schizoid, antisocial, borderline, paranoid and obsessive compulsive.

Depression does not just affect adults. The National Alliance on Mental Illness has reported that 4 million children and adolescents in the United States have a serious mental disorder which affects how they function. A psychologist in maryland also reported that a recent study in Australia reported that 1 in every 12 teenagers engages in some sort of self harming behavior such has cutting.

The affects depression has on adolescents and adults is being researched by a maryland psychologist as well as a psychologist in washington dc. Psychologist in maryland and washington dc psychologists can utilize their different locations and study various factors that can cause, worsen or assist in curing or treating depression. A psychologist washington dc can view how living in the capital can affect the mental health of adolescents, while a psychologist in maryland can view the more rural side of depression triggers.

While depression is not exactly a new disorder, new research is being conducted every day which gets doctors and psychologists closer to finding better treatment for it as well as the afflictions that coincide. The truth is, depression can affect anyone, anywhere. It does not consider age, race, gender or social class. It is a mental disorder that can cause serious, possibly deadly outcomes. Without treatment, depression can worsen the longer a person afflicted goes without treatment.

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