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Choosing the Right Walking Aid for a Senior Citizen

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Research shows that an older person is treated in a hospital for a fall once every 15 seconds. One popular method for reducing falls in seniors is with the use of a walking aid. One study found that in a recent period of eight years, seniors using canes and other walking support devices rose 50 percent. However, it can be easy to be confused with so many walking aids available. In this post, you will learn more about the various types of walking aids on the market.

  • Medical Walkers: Walking aids for seniors are great for keeping them safe. One type of walking aid is the walker. These devices are made to accommodate a variety of heights for the user. In many cases, medical walkers are able to be folded to allow for easy storage. However, you won’t have to worry that this device will fold while a senior is using it. Medical walkers are sturdy devices that can be locked in place to support the weight of a senior.
  • Medical Canes: Walking aids for the elderly do not have to be walkers. A cane is a popular device for senior citizens. If the senior in your life has a fairly good sense of balance, a cane could be the perfect choice in walking aids. A cane allows for the senior in your life to have support and a certain degree of freedom.
  • Rollators: These devices are types of walkers for elderly that have wheels on the bottom of them. These devices have many customization options including brakes and a seat. If a senior needs to use their device for small amounts of time, a rollator could be too excessive. Research shows that the demand for walking aids will double by the year 2050.
  • In closing, there are many types of walking aids for senior citizens. Medical walkers are a common walking aid that features four legs. If a senior wants a little more freedom while they move, a cane might be the perfect solution. Rollators are available for seniors who need additional amenities including brakes, seats, and other features. No matter which walking aid you choose what is important is that the senior in your life stays safe.

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