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Central Iowa Health To Offer Mammogram Testing in April

One of the most important things in today’s day and age is keeping ourselves healthy. Unfortunately, diseases like cancer don’t always make that easy. It is estimated that 231,840 new cases are expected to be diagnosed in one year in the United States. Breast health is extremely important for women. And various steps are being made to assure that they are able to stay healthy.

Central Iowa Healthcare Foundation and Central Iowa Healthcare have announced that on April 20th, the Prevent Fund will hold it’s second Screening Mammogram Clinic. In collaboration with Radiologists of McFarland Clinic, PC, screenings on April 20 will be given by board-certified mammography technologists in the Central Iowa Healthcare diagnostic imaging center. This availability of radiology imagining could prove to save many woman’s lives on April 20th.

The costs of the medical imaging are to be covered by the Prevent Fund and Iowa Care for Yourself. Patients who fit the eligibility will be able to have a free radiology imaging done. This move only enforces the importance of woman’s breast health and how it should always be taken seriously.

Those that don’t have regular screenings are at the risk of any potential cancer getting worse. If caught early, steps can be made to assist in treatment and save the woman’s life. However, if left undiagnosed, the cancer can quickly spread throughout the rest of the body, causing devastating damage to the organs and drastically reducing treatment options.

Making this treatment available can save lives. Many women out there just can’t afford to have a mammogram done, thus putting them at much greater risk. Choosing to hold radiology imaging testing not only can prevent that, it shows great steps in continuing to diagnose and treat breast cancer in women. It is a community-wide effort to speak out against a horrible disease and to stand against all who could or do have it.

The screenings are sure to be a great opportunity for the Prevent Fund and Iowa Care for Yourself and the Central Iowa Healthcare. We wish them the best of luck April 20th in their continuing journey to help save lives.

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