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Can Omega 3 Protect Against Alcohol-Related Dementia?

If you have spent any time researching necessary components of a healthy diet, you are likely familiar with the many benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. This essential substance, which the body is unable to make on its own, has numerous positive effects on our systems due to its ability to reduce inflammation. Because of…

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UCSF Doctors Using Fish Oil To Help Prevent Vascular Scarring

The many benefits of omega 3 fatty acids have been well-documented: studies show that cultures who eat a diet high in omega-3s have lower levels of depression, while children who eat plenty of omega-rich foods have reduced symptoms of ADHD and improved mental skills, including learning ability and memory. Meanwhile, more recent reports suggest that…

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Florida Seeks to Improve Local Water Quality

High levels of mercury, PCBs and other toxins found in our waterways have been a concern for many years, especially because these harmful elements are often found in fish. This means that fatty fish, which are a major part of a recommended diet and contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, could be putting some consumers…

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