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Urgent Care From 1970s to Now

Broken bones. Lacerations. Influenza. Bronchitis. Strep throat. High blood pressure. High cholesterol. Diabetes. Sugar issues. Wounds. Gouges. Headaches. Migraines. Unnatural bowel movements. Vomiting. Ankle sprains. Dizziness. These are some of the conditions that can be treated at a new type of health facility: the urgent care center. The urgent care center movement initially started in…

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Three Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Do When Finding a Doctor

Believe it or not, more people die of heart disease than of AIDS and all cancers combined. In fact, there are about 800 million Americans who have one or more types of heart disease. It’s so big a problem in the U.S. that it causes about 600,000 deaths every year.If you want to lower your…

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How Urgent Care Faciltiies Serve You

It seems like urgent care clinics are popping up all over the country. There is a good reason for it. Urgent care emergency rooms play a vital role in our society. They serve a demographic that needs immediate medical care after hours, that may not necessitate a trip to the hospital’s emergency room. There are…

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