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Indoor air quality facts

We are all concerned about the quality of air outdoors. Emissions testing, littering, the ozone layer, the atmosphere; we hear about it day in and day out but what about our indoor air quality? We probably do not hear about it as much as we should so therefore, do not think about it as much as we should.

There are more than 100, 000 types of mold and many of these molds thrive the most at indoor temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you believe that the NRDC which stands for the National Resources Defense Council says that approximately 131 million Americans actually breathe in low-quality air on a day to day basis?! Now, you can understand the important of indoor air quality testing.

Having your indoor air checked for quality is how you can ensure that you and your family are breathing high quality air. Indoor air quality standards are there because indoor air can actually be on average two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Think about all the fumes from cars and factories that are released into our atmosphere that we breathe in daily and then times that by five and you will find the potential amount of pollution you are breathing in once you get out of what you think of as the polluted outdoors.

The main pollution in doors of course isn’t car fumes or littering but it is actually mold. Mold inspection is very important as there are many molds that not only look and smell terrible but are potentially life threatening if inhaled. There is a toxic substance called mycotoxins that have been revealed to have come from common molds and there are many yet to be tested. Who knows if these could possibly be even worse?

We spend so much time indoors breathing healthy air is so critical to our well being which makes indoor air quality testing essential.

A particular mineral called asbestos can actually cause fatal conditions such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Asthma is another very common condition that can be caused by having polluted indoor air. If not caused by it, then it can definitely be exacerbated by things like mold, spores and dust. Asthma is the sixth highest ranking chronic condition in our nation and takes the lead for serious chronic illnesses in children in America.

Now knowing all of this information, what is stopping you from having indoor air quality testing done? It’s a simple procedure that can save you and your family from a lifetime of difficulty.

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