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Benefits of Having a Stairlift in Your Home

About 53 millions Americans live with some form of disability, with the most common being associated with limited mobility. Every 11 seconds, a senior is treated in the ER for a fall, and among older adults, over half of all falls happen in their home.

Harmar commercial stairlift solutions offers older adults more safety and comfort while they are in their home and helps prevent falls and other accidents. Chair lifts for seniors are a great way to ensure that your loved ones are able to get up and down the stairs in their home without having an accident and having to be rushed to the emergency room.

There is even a Harmar wheelchair lift for seniors who have to use a wheelchair to get around and don’t want to get out of their wheelchair to get up stairs or for those who simply cannot physically able to do so.

Here are some top reasons you should look into Harmar commercial stairlift solutions.

1. It prevents accidents

The last thing you want to worry about is leaving your loved one in their home and having them fall or have some other form of accident that can leave them injured. There is nothing scarier than getting a phone call that you loved one has been rushed to the emergency room with after an accident. To prevent accidents, curved stair lifts and other pieces of equipment allows for seniors to sit in a chair and be lifted without having to walk up and down stairs. For some with limited mobility, it is very painful to have to walk upstairs, and some older adults are just not able.

2. It helps with independence

In order to help your loved ones feel more independent and enjoy the activities that they want to do, you should consider buying a stair lift for their home. This allows them to move up and down stairs without having to rely on someone else, and their range of activities, whether it be wanting to read a book in their bedroom or do some light cleaning in the bathroom, will not be as limited. It is frustrating for some older adults to have to give up some of the activities they love because they cannot do them on their own and constantly have to rely on someone to be there to take care of them.

3. They can feel more at ease

It is stressful to constantly have to worry about whether or not you could fall and assess all situations from this mindset. Some older adults might suffer from sever anxiety or fear of going up and down stairs because they do not want to have an accident. Looking into Harmar commercial stairlift solutions can help them feel more calm about living on their own.

Are you thinking of purchasing some equipment from Harmar commercial stairlift solutions? Let us know what kind of equipment in the comments below!

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