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Before you rush off to the emergency room, could an urgent care solve your problems?

Most of the time, we find ourselves too busy and wrapped up with every day life to make a doctors appointment or to spend time sitting in the emergency room for medical care. It is all too often that putting off these sicknesses until the last possible second leads us to having no other choice but to spend seven to eight hours within the walls of an emergency treatment facility when our problems could have been treated with expedience if we’d only considered going to an urgent care center in the very beginning rather than wasting time thinking that sickness was something that would go away on its own without any sort of treatments. Here are some reasons for you to go directly to your walk in rather than putting it off until a doctor’s visit is necessary for things that could have been treated quickly originally.

Eighty-five percent of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. This means that you have seven days of chances to go wait in a room that typically only takes up to a half and hour to be seen rather than the six hours that you could be stuck in an emergency room waiting for a nurse to look at you before a doctor can even come in the room and check you out. Urgent care treatment can save you hours that could be spent recovering and getting back to your busy days.

The quick service is not the only good part that comes along with going to an urgent care center. With three million patients visiting urgent care centers each week, these clinic locations can handle everything from giving you the flu shot to minor fracture treatment. An urgent care location can handle most of what you bring to them. From treating dehydration from the flu to sprains and breaks, the quick service provided with these urgent care locations are the best for any quick service that you might require.

Walk in clinics are not the place for you if you are experiencing any type of extreme trauma from gun shot wounds to the loss of too much blood. These locations are not equipped to deal with sever cases and may not have the full experience that is needed to provide life saving tactics. But when it comes to treating poison ivy (which is founded in every state within the United States besides Alaska) these locations will be able to write your prescription and send you back about your every day routine with little trouble or time robbed from your day.

For everything from treatment from the common cold to that rolled ankle that you haven’t been able to kick in days, talking the time out of your day to go to a clinic is the best answer for you. It will save you the time and hassle of scheduling time with your doctor and the frustration of waiting in the waiting room of an emergency room and picking up any of the bugs that find themselves curating within the walls there. The next time you find yourself sick do yourself a favor and go straight to a clinic to feel better, before your issues get worse and you require further treatment that holds you back from going about the important parts of your day.

Get yourself the relief you deserve and get yourself back into the daily game that you call life by taking the time to feel better first.

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