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Basic Life Management Skills for Children With ADHD

Life coach for adhd

You have probably heard about how prevalent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is in America, especially among children. This disorder affects more than five million children in the U.S., and this number continues to grow.

The causes of ADHD have not been conclusive one way or another, but the impulsivity, restlessness, lack of focus, and emotional struggles have been attributed to several different factors, namely genetic, social, and environmental.

The treatment of ADHD has often fallen into physicians’ hands, and they usually prescribe medications, such as Adderal, but there are also ADHD alternative treatments that have been effective. ADHD coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy for ADHD, and life management skills have proven successful for many patients.

Here are a few tactics that life management skills professionals use.

  • Prioritize. This is one of the most important parts of helping to organize a student’s thoughts and activities. By making a list of the top four or five main priorities within the day, the student can narrow down his or her focus to just the important tasks, and be able to complete these instead of worrying about what what the rest of the week holds.
  • Creating a Chart. Charts can be especially helpful for children, because they can be colorful, creative, and made by the child. These charts can list the daily tasks that need to get done, and allow the child to place a sticker or check next to each completed task. This places the responsibility on the student, but also allows him or her to feel successful after each accomplishment.
  • Routine. Children with ADHD often thrive when they are given a routine to follow, as fast changes and abrupt situations can throw them off. By creating a set routine for the child to follow, life management coaches can help them stay on track, and keep them feeling less overwhelmed.

Even if you don’t have ADHD, or you don’t have a child with ADHD, these tips can be helpful. After all, we all need a little more organization in our lives, don’t we? Visit here for more information.

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