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An Ultrasound May be Needed for Abortions in Some States

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Even though over 70 percent of expectant mothers experience morning sickness during the first three months of their pregnancy, there are still individuals who experience no symptoms at all. This lack of symptoms of morning sickness may have some women wondering ‘am I pregnant’.

A pregnancy test can be performed by a Norfolk pregnancy tests center determine if a woman is pregnant or not. Pregnancy tests are tests that have been designed to determine if a blood or urine sample has the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone produced by the body after a fertilized egg attaches to the walls of the uterus.

After determining if you are indeed pregnant you may be considering an abortion. There are many abortion help centers that can help conduct an ultrasound. Ultrasounds may be required for individuals who are considering having an abortion. An abortion help website can help you determine what the state laws may be for the particular state that you live in.

A prenatal ultrasound test uses small, high frequency sound waves to provide doctors and nurses with a closer, inside look at the abdomen. The image that is produced can be one dimensional, but thanks to new technology that may be available at abortion help clinics that offer ultrasound services the image may be three dimensional. This image can be used to look for potential birth defects or anatomical abnormalities that may be found in the fetus.

Some states have laws that require women to receive an ultrasound before an abortion can be performed. An abortion help clinic can offer the abdominal or vaginal scans that are required by law. In addition to an abortion help center that offers ultrasounds, visiting a Virginia beach ultrasound center can provide you with the ultrasound that is needed to receive an abortion.
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