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A Safer Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes?

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According to the most recent estimates, individuals who smoke one pack of cigarettes per day spend approximately $160 each month on cigarettes. In states like New York, which place high taxes on cigarettes, a pack-a day smoker can spend more than $225 per month!

Of course, there are ways to get cheaper cigarettes … like going to your local American Indian reservation where there are no taxes … but the monetary cost of smoking cigarettes should be the least of a smoker’s worries. This is because medical research claim that a person loses between six and eight minutes off of his or her life with each cigarette smoked. Yet, even the overwhelming evidence that exists regarding the dangers of smoking cigarettes isn’t enough to get the most addicted smokers to give up this nasty habit.

Since every smoker already knows all about the health risks of their costly habit, there really is not point in nagging them about quitting. But many of them will probably appreciate knowing that electronic cigarettes can provide them with a smoke-free alternative to smoking. And if they are interested, they might even find electronic cigarettes an effective way to quit smoking altogether.

Whether or not quitting smoking is part of their plans, there will always be those times when a smoker is craving a smoke, but they are in a place where smoking isn’t allowed. At times like these electronic cigarettes allow their bodies to get the nicotine they crave, which will also save them walking outside in the middle of January to satiate their nicotine craving.

For smokers who might want to quit smoking, but haven’t been able to find a plan of action that is an effective solution for them, electronic cigarettes could be the answer. You see, electronic cigarettes are really nicotine vaporizers that emit harmless vapor, as opposed to harmful smoke. At the same time, smokers will be able to get their nicotine, while giving their lungs and hearts a break from the toxic smoke.

As society continues to become less tolerant toward smokers, electronic cigarettes finally give smokers a chance to assuage their craving for nicotine in places where smoking is not permitted. While some places still may not allow the use of electronic cigarettes, smokers will certainly find them much more welcomed than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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