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5 Chiropractic Specialties You Didn’t Know Existed

Pediatric chiropractor

You probably have a vague sense of chiropractors as back pain specialists, and maybe know someone who has visited a chiropractor for neck pain or low back strains. But these treatments are covered by only one aspect of chiropractic practice. There are actually 10 different specialties recognized by the American Chiropractic Association, and a chiropractor may hold diplomas for several of them. So what does a chiropractor do other than adjust spinal alignment? Here are five specialties you might benefit from knowing more about:

  1. Sports Medicine

    A sports chiropractor treats athletes at all training levels (that means average runners, not just pro football stars). While sports chiropractors often focus on treating acute symptoms first so that athletes can get back on their feet as soon as possible, they are also involved in ongoing care and reduction of chronic pain, generally collaborating with other doctors, physical therapists and trainers.

  2. Pediatric Treatment

    Children and even infants are at high risk of vertebral subluxation — which basically means that the vertebrae are misaligned, causing pain and limiting movement. Pediatric chiropractors often perform regular spinal checkups on children.

  3. Nutrition

    Chiropractors who hold a diploma in clinical nutrition help patients alleviate health problems or reach weight and fitness goals through healthy eating.

  4. Neurology

    Chiropractic neurologists are experts on the nervous system, including the brain and all the nerves that branch off from the spine. Neurologic chiropractic care can actually be very effective in eliminating certain kinds of chronic headaches, especially tension headaches caused by musculoskeletal problems.

  5. Occupational Health

    Occupational health is the area of chiropractic care that works directly with business clients to improve work environments. This might include conducting consultations with managers or injured employees, as well as running educational events that can teach workers how to reduce injury and illness related to their office environment.

Could you benefit from seeing an occupational health, nutrition or sports chiropractor? Does knowing that these specialties exist encourage you to check out local chiropractors? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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