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Day: March 31, 2014

Maintaing Healthy Eyes and Vision Is Important To Keeping Your Quality of Life High

Sometimes, our vision is something that we take for granted. It is one of many things that we use everyday and is very important to our livelihood no matter what career or career path we choose. Common eye disorders and diseases of eye can take all this away from us. If you think you are…

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The Benefits of Using Collagen Cream on Your Skin

Did you know that the elasticity of skin decreases by 0.55% each year? In addition, skin thickness decreases by 7% every ten years in women. Although aging negatively affects the appearance of skin, collagen cream is available to help. Collagen skin care products are designed to improve the natural levels of collagen in the body,…

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Weight Gain? Depression? Thyroid May be Source

Your thyroid health is something that impacts your life in more ways than you probably realize. The health of your thyroid directly affects regulation of weight gain, fatigue and depression. This is an important part of your day-to-day life and should be monitored upon routine doctor visits. The thyroid gland, butterfly shaped and located in…

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