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Three Reasons Why Visiting the Urgent Care Facility is Better Than The Emergency Room

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Going to the emergency walk in clinic can be important for someone who is feeling sick or has an injury, but cannot deal with waiting in the emergency room at a hospital. There are many benefits by going to an emergency walk in clinic instead of waiting at the hospital, including being seen in a quicker time frame, and often being considered a low cost location, in comparison to the amounts that hospitals will bill an insurance company. Here are three reasons that individuals will benefit more from going to a medical walk in clinic instead of waiting to be seen at the ER.

Visiting a Walk in Clinic Means Less Time Waiting Around

Someone visiting an after hours urgent care will get seen much more quickly than an individual who is trying to wait at the emergency room. This is because walk in clinic care is designed to take care of individuals in a quick manner, whereas the emergency room can take longer. Many walk in clinics have longer hours, giving people an additional place to go so they do not clutter up an emergency room.

An Emergency Walk in Clinic Can Offer More Options Than the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms do not offer all the options for treatment that a community health clinic might. This can include anonymous std testing, which is not as common in an emergency room, but might still be needed for someone who believes they are infected, and unsure what to do. Going to the medical walk in clinic can offer more options when individuals need treatment, and can mean getting seen in a quick manner, which the emergency room might not provide.

Walk In Clinics Can Be Cheaper Than Visiting the Emergency Room

Going to the emergency room is not cheap, and even for individuals who have insurance, some might have to pay a co pay out of pocket. That co pay is almost always more expensive at any type of emergency room than it is at a walk in clinic. For anyone who needs care, and has the option to go to urgent care facilities, it makes more sense to do so and save as much money as possible.

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